my fourth happy planner. but the first mini planner i own! yay! im so pumped. i love planners. not only does it keep me organized but it helps me not feel so overwhelmed. i may or may not post more planner things in the future Advertisements

5 hours

here’s what i accomplished today on 5 hours of sleep. im proud of myself for getting things done and not making excuses. im also surprised i did so much today compared to other days.  picked up the clothes off of my bedroom floor, vacuumed the floor, and took the trash out loaded the ugly pileup… Continue reading 5 hours


being a college student for almost 3 years now i think ive pretty much mastered the art of procrastination. its the last minute studying, essays, and homework. ive pulled countless allnighters to complete essays. its ridiculous. i just dont know why i cant bring myself to do things ahead of time. if anything, before coming… Continue reading procrastination