something new

before, during, and after! i’ve had SNS, gel, and regular nail polish on my nails. but never acrylic, until today! as you can see in the before pictures, my SNS had grown out and wasn’t looking as great anymore. i had to get them done but wanted to try something new. i’ve always had square… Continue reading something new


i don’t think i ever posted pictures of my hair after i got it done last month but here it is! as usual, done by THE Sorelle Campbell! 

quick update

hello everyone, its me again! it has probably been a week or so but it feels just a bit longer than that. i have been in school mode so i have not really made the time for my blog. boo. anyways i just wanted to give an update on my life just for the hell… Continue reading quick update

today for class im wearing: black spaghetti strap top with criss cross lace in the back from f21 light wash jeans from abercrombie vans

yesterday it was raining. boo. but it gave me a reason to wear one of my favorite jackets! green jacket from papaya white top from aerie ripped jean shorts from f21 vans

casual first day

im going to try to post every outfit i wear to class! i kept it simple for the first day by wearing  plaid shirt from calvin klien shorts from aeropostale?? idk, theyre old vans from vans lol


i am officially back in school mode. no more distractions. while i am only taking one class this summer, my goal is to make an A. so i can not afford any distractions. my Facebook account is deactivated, and i have deleted the instagram app off my phone. the only type of social media i’ll… Continue reading deactivated