quick update

hello everyone, its me again! it has probably been a week or so but it feels just a bit longer than that. i have been in school mode so i have not really made the time for my blog. boo. anyways i just wanted to give an update on my life just for the hell… Continue reading quick update


i am officially back in school mode. no more distractions. while i am only taking one class this summer, my goal is to make an A. so i can not afford any distractions. my Facebook account is deactivated, and i have deleted the instagram app off my phone. the only type of social media i’ll… Continue reading deactivated


it feels like just yesterday when i was moving out of my college dorm and into my very first apartment. oh the memories. now here i am working, studying, and paying bills. wow. growing up can be tough. and adulting is definitely rough. last time i went home to visit, my father told me to… Continue reading adulting


lately i have been really into salads. random. but i used to hate vegetables growing up and i think college has really changed that. ive definitely become less picky with food thats for sure. my love for the spicy southwest salad from cfa has been at an all time high. so here’s two pictures of… Continue reading salads


for awhile now my macbook has been notifying me that my disk space is almost full. i was so fed up with it that using my macbook just became annoying. however that all changed. my boyfriend recommended that i wipe my macbook clean. i transferred all my files to an external hard drive and then… Continue reading clean


today at 1:15am, i finished my last essay for my humanities class. the feeling of accomplishment that came over me is just, amazing. i feel so happy. i put it off for so long (due later today btw lol). now all i have to do is study for finals. no other worries after that for… Continue reading accomplishment