something new

before, during, and after! i’ve had SNS, gel, and regular nail polish on my nails. but never acrylic, until today! as you can see in the before pictures, my SNS had grown out and wasn’t looking as great anymore. i had to get them done but wanted to try something new. i’ve always had square shaped nails so i wanted to try out the almond/coffin shape. so acrylics it is! although i am having a little trouble adjusting, it isn’t so bad. i should be used to them in a few days. the toughest obstacle i’ve had was turning the knob on my dishwasher so that it could begin washing. lol. am i afraid of taking off my contacts? just a little. do i regret getting acrylics? not at all. one thing i would change though is for them to be a tad bit shorter. the extra length is killin me, just a bit.