life update

hello friends! i know it has probably been a little while since i last posted about my life. i have been hitting the books and working really hard in my summer programming class. only 3 more weeks until the final and i’ll be done! for the summer only ha. i do have to admit though i have jumped on the pinterest train. i still don’t really know how to use it properly. i mean what’s with all the boards and reposting? idk. i just want a simple app to compile ideas and inspirations. i guess pinterest is perfect for that lol. it has been a little over a week since i turned 20! two decades old wow. i’ve been debating if i want to make a separate post about what i did but i don’t think i did too much for an entire post dedicated to it. so i’ll just leave it here: (read if you’re interested it might get lengthy)

we planned to go to the mountains with a friend of my boyfriend’s and his girlfriend about 2 weeks in advance. her birthday is a day right after mine so it was perfect. on friday we packed our things and headed to north carolina. the drive wasn’t too bad. when we finally got there i was taken aback by how beautiful the view was. it was gorgeous. and right in the cabin’s backyard. sweeeeet! so we arrived late afternoon friday and just settled in, enjoyed ourselves at home. my boyfriend’s friend’s girlfriend, A. (for privacy reasons) and i went to the front porch with her boyfriend’s mom while she smoked. she requested that we come with her. after a little while we headed back inside and were told to come upstairs. when we got upstairs there were birthday balloons that spelled out HAPPY BIRTHDAY, streamers everywhere, and a cake in the middle of the pool table. it was so sweet. in that moment, i felt so lucky. it was such a sweet gesture from both our boyfriends. we watched mike and dave need wedding dates before all feeling super exhausted and headed to bed.

the next morning, we stopped by a waterfall before we got to a little town nearby to browse cute shops and enjoy the scenery some more. afterwards we headed back to the cabin, played some pong and enjoyed ourselves some more. some would say pregame. A’s boyfriend’s mother took us out to dinner at a unique place. they serve you several dishes at once. it was delicious. after dinner we went back to the cabin and went to bed. booooo. i really wanted to have some more fun but everyone else was beat.

sunday morning we packed our things and headed back home. i definitely miss the view.

on monday i had an exam in my programming class. ha.
all in all, it was a really nice getaway. i loved every minute of it and i wouldn’t have wanted to celebrate my 20th birthday elsewhere. it was one for the books