20 things

i’ve been 20 for over a week now and since i made one of these when i was 18 on a blog lost in cyberspace, i thought to myself: why not make another one? so here are 20 things i have learned so far in my life:

    – learning to get my priorities straight has not always been easy. i’ve blurred social life and school plenty of times before. in college though, if i don’t have my priorities straight, i might as well say bye bye to the life i want to have. i’m not saying to only choose 2 or 3 most important things to you in life, but choose the ones that matter and balance them out. for me it’s school, my boyfriend, and my family.
  2. BUDGET:
    – i used to be a big spender. i spent so much money on things i impulsively wanted in the moment. i would also shop when i’m stressed and that’s probably one of the worst things you could do when stressed. i mean at the time it didn’t stress me out. but trust me, it was bad. so budget. i had to sit down and write out everything i spend money on each month. how much rent, bills, food, gas, etc cost. then i made a budget for myself. this included how much money i would put into savings and how much i allowed myself to spend on things such as shopping and getting my nails done. if i do good during the month, i reward myself at the end of the month. it really helps.
    – let’s all just take a moment and breathe. do you remember a time in your life when you were super stressed out? yeah, same. it happens to me right before a big test or essay is due. we all procrastinate. i’m as guilty as they come. but seriously, take it easy. when things seem too overwhelming, just pause. breathe, and work it out. i like to write things out to help me visualize what needs to be done first. and just go from there. it’s life. don’t beat yourself up about things that have already happened or you think is going to happen.
    – in high school i was really worried about what people thought of me, what i looked like, and what people were doing. yeah tell me about it, i was horrible lol. it wasn’t the best four years of my life but i’d be lying if i said i didn’t learn a few life lessons from it. anyways, as years went on, i would constantly ask myself, who tf cares? because i mean really. the only people who i should care what they think of me are my boyfriend, very few friends, and my mom & dad. instagram. the place for people to stalk other people’s lives they don’t know. yeah, that’s a big one. instagram is so popular these days it’s easy to get caught up in what someone is doing where or with who. but at the end of the day, who cares? i surely don’t. my boyfriend has definitely helped in constantly telling me to stop using instagram. i mean seriously, what’s so great about it anyway? i would rather be spending time with loved ones than scrolling and double tapping on my phone mindlessly. sorry if that was a little rant, it was just to elaborate on this topic.
    – i used to be loaded with social media. i was on Facebook, twitter, instagram, & snapchat. eventually i just got tired of twitter and annoyed with Facebook. my twitter has been deactivated for years now and my Facebook is deactivated every now and then. the only reason why i have Facebook is to keep up with updates in my sorority. so now i mainly use snapchat to keep up with friends i actually know. and a few youtubers i like oops. i think social media is toxic. too much time is spent scrolling, liking, tweeting, and it’s all just mindless and irrelevant. why not go read a book, take a walk, explore your community, hang out with new people, try new food instead? i’m not saying that social media prohibits you from doing those things, i’m just saying that it’s slowly taking over our conversations and interactions. so next time you’re in a social setting or just out to lunch, put that phone up. you never know what you could be missing out on in another person’s life.
  6. wow this is a little harder than i thought, i’ll have to come back to this post because that’s all i got for now at 12:46am lol