quick update

hello everyone, its me again! it has probably been a week or so but it feels just a bit longer than that. i have been in school mode so i have not really made the time for my blog. boo. anyways i just wanted to give an update on my life just for the hell of it. 

  • i turn 20 in 12 days!! yay so excited
  • i recently moved into my 2nd apartment and although it was not planned that i even move out of my first one, i’m glad things still worked out (future blog post maybe? on what living alone is like? or what you need to move out etc?)
  • i’ve been cooking more so that i wouldnt eat out so much woo!
  • i’ve been trying to spend more time in the sun and with my boyfriend away from social media. it’s been really nice. 
  • another thing ive been doing is keeping up with my nightly routine! it usually consists of flossing, brushing, mouthwash, facewashing, and then sleep. future post on my products i use maybe? 
  • lastly i’ve been managing my stress levels. i try not to get too anxious and stressed about things bc it does more harm than good. 

that’s all for now, goodnight blog fam!