K I D S: why i don’t want any

hello readers, it has been a little while. good news though, i passed all my classes yay! no more stress (at least not for a little bit anyways). i start my summer class on the 22nd. how exciting. ha not. but anyways i just wanted to vent very quickly about how i feel about little kids. if in any way i sound rude, it is not intentional. it is just my honest feelings and i don’t mean to offend anyone. so without further or due:
KIDS. just the word gives me the chills. a few years ago when i thought about marriage and kids, i wanted them. i wanted at least two and then maybe three. but now that number has gone down to none. i do not want any kids at all. and there are a number of reasons why:
1) the world: this world is just so chaotic and scary that the thought of bringing children into is scares me. the way things are now in the world, how much worse can it get in the years to come?
2) expenses: i will admit this sounds selfish, and it is. kids are expensive. you have to be able to provide for them. pretty much support and help them up until they have a family of their own. (at least until they’re 18 at the least). i think about other things i would like to invest in like a decent home, and traveling. and then i think, why have a kid?
3) time: when i think of raising a child, i think about all the time i would have to sacrifice in order to raise them the way i intend to. not only does that require time, but also patience. something i have very little of (but am working on). i understand that it is probably very rewarding being a parent (no hate to any parents out there). it’s just, i enjoy having time to myself and also time with my significant other. once a child appears, the time is shared and not very distributed equally since now the baby will need all of it.
4) toddlers, tweens, in betweens: yikes. i don’t remember much from my toddler years but i’ve been told that i was a very obedient and easy going child. lucky for my parents. i do remember a lot from my teenage years since it was only a few years ago and well, i sure was a fighter. i remember disagreeing with my parents and being very opinionated. i also remember keeping to myself and just wanting to be alone all the time. i also remember having pimples and super low self esteem. also, middle school years are just so awkward. kudos to all the middle grades educators out there. y’all rock. development is just so awkward and tough. i see how some toddlers behave and i just cringe. okay maybe cringe isn’t the right word but it just terrifies me. i don’t know if i would ever have the patience and tolerance. while the idea of being there for my child sounds pretty cool, i’m not sure how i would be able to deal with it. i’m not sure how my parents dealt with me but i turned out okay.
5) fear: i think i would fear for my child’s safety. i feel so terribly sad and heartbroken for families who lose their children to car accidents or other things no one can control. it’s just terrifying. the thought of one hour they’re alive and well and next, not so well. i don’t think i would ever be able to recover from something like that. and my condolences go out to all the families who have lost a child or fetus.
so there you have it. some reasons why i don’t want kids. please keep in mind that this is all just my opinion and i don’t mean to offend anyone in any way, shape, or form. it is purely to share my thoughts.