5:55am. i did not get a wink of sleep and now the sun is about to come up. i guess its because theres too much on my mind. im worried about my lab practical monday and my essay due tuesday. both of which i have not began to work on. so today i have to not only run a few errands, but study my butt off for the lab practical. this lab practical will either make or break my average in the class. (no pressure). then after my lab practical will i worry about my essay & project due tuesday. i dont feel stressed until i think about the million things i have to accomplish. finals are coming up as well and its crunch time. meaning working my ass off to bring my struggling grades up lol. yeah thats me. i wait till the last minute to do things. super unhealthy, 10/10 do not recommend. 

even though im slightly stressed im also looking forward to a few things happening soon! yay! ill definitely post about it! outfits, foods, the whole hoopla. but until then ill be living in the library. 

in other news not only is my apartment a mess but so is my organization, hair, and eating habits. i most absolutely need to clean my living spaces. then organize my school work so i can start stu(dying) for finals. take a shower (lol, tmi?). and work on eating out less, cooking more, and drinking more water. i spend way too much $ eating out just bc im too lazy to cook. cooking meals at home will be more healthy and save $. and drinking water has so many benefits that will just balance everything out. 

i guess ill set some short term & long term goals here: (in no particular order)


  • drink more water
  • make an A or B on the lab practical
  • eat out less, cook more meals
  • keep apartment clean and organized, stop leaving clothes on “the chair”
  • organize schoolwork 
  • start studying (finals in less than 2 weeks!!) stay motivated
  • stress less
  • stop falling asleep with contacts still in (yikes)
  • floss more bc ew plaque
  • stop complaining so damn much 
  • spend less money
  • be happy


  • graduate college on time (2019) ((lol)) & with a decent gpa
  • be employed & eventually financially stable
  • yay not as much stress now!! ya did it!! 
  • travel!!! visit other countries, try different foods, relax & explore the world with my boyfriend (hopefuly fiancee by then jk wink wink)
  • eliminate all soda from diet
  • be more appreciative of things
  • stop impulse buying all together
  • stay happy