the art of not caring

time to get real. 

growing up ive struggled a lot with caring about what people think. and in all honesty i still do sometimes. but at the end of the day, it really doesnt matter what people think. i can’t stress how much more happier i’ve become once ive let go of thoughts about what people think. throughout middle and high school i struggled with low self esteem. i was the ugly girl in middle school with a mustache. in high school i had braces. i was (and still am) flat chested. i envyed girls who had cleavage to show. i hated the way i looked and wish that so many things about myself could be different. im aware that appearances are not the only things that make someone ugly. but i rarely talked because i felt so down and not confident about myself. eventually senior year came and i got my braces off, graduated, and went off to college. the amount of growth from my freshman year of college to now has been amazing. im still growing. but thinking back, i just let go of trying so hard to be perfect in order for people to not think negative things about me. what i realized is that people will always have their opinions about you. you cant change what they think and its not your job to. i think what i am trying to say is that you’ll love a happier and stressfree life once you just become carefree of what others think. just be you. yeah that sounds pretty cliche. but its worked for me. i stopped caring about what people said or thought about me. yeah im that short flat chested girl, but im me and i own it. i take care of myself and am happy no matter what. because at the end of the day i only care about what my family, a few close friends, and boyfriend thinks of me. because of this mindset, ive become a better and healthier person. physically and mentally.