being a college student for almost 3 years now i think ive pretty much mastered the art of procrastination. its the last minute studying, essays, and homework. ive pulled countless allnighters to complete essays. its ridiculous. i just dont know why i cant bring myself to do things ahead of time. if anything, before coming to college, learn to NOT procrastinate. because in all honesty, procrastination’s a bit*h. 

here are some studying tips: (lol)

  • take good notes and review them daily
  • keep track of deadlines and test days so youll prepare at least 2 weeks ahead of time
  • try studying in groups aside from just studying alone
  • reserve a study room so you can focus and have a place to study aside your own dorm/apt
  • never study in bed or your bedroom
  • rewrite, highlight, underline key words in notes to help you better remember them
  • make flashcards (this doesnt help me but it might hell you!)
  • take study breaks, cramming wont do you any good
  • get enough sleep! the worst thing that could happen is a brain fart right before your test because youve been awake all night cramming
  • remember to eat! your brain needs food in order to recall the information 
  • try your best and forget the rest. youve done the best you could so go treat yo self and just let it be. a grade doesnt define you and if all else fails remember: c’s get degrees