my take on italy

i was in italy from may 31-april 9. ive got to say, i had nice views, mediocre pasta, and great times. of course i did not see italy in all of its entirety, but what i did see wasnt all that great. we stayed in 3 different cities: rome, cortona, & florence.

rome: this city houses a lot of known landmarks. such as the trevi fountain, the vatican, and the sistine chapel. of course all of these locations were packed with tourists. we took a tour of the vatican and sistine chapel which lasted about 4 hours. when we finally reached the sistine chapel, there were so many people there that the guards/employees just told everyone to keep moving. definitely not the best experience if your entire tour led up to seeing the artwork on the ceiling of the sistine chapel only to be pushed and shoved to keep it moving. oh yeah and no pictures allowed either. the trevi fountain was yet another push and shove. it was a very beautiful fountain dont get me wrong. but i feel like it would be more enjoyable without so many tourists. lol like i have control over that. according to some of my friends i made on the trip, the night life was pretty good. lots of irish pubs, dancing, and american music. unfortunately i was too exhausted the first night to go out with them and the second night i overslept and didnt wake up after dinner to go out. overall i would say that rome is probably at the center for tourism. 

cortona: i was depressed. coming from rome,  pretty touristy and bustling city, cortona is the complete opposite. it was very serene and the residents were mostly elders. we stayed at a campus there along with other students who are studying for an entire semester. idk how they do it. i was really sad and missing home at this point. however the view was amazing. although it was the same one, it felt like something new each day. the nightlife was worse than where i live now. not much to do, and not many people were out. we did go to an irish pub and it was decent but i think i was expecting more to compensate for the nights i didnt go out. the shopping was fun to browse through in between required coursework hours. one thing that really stuck out was that the shops closed from 1:30-3:30 everyday for lunch. so if you anted to shop, do it before or after or else you would not be able to purchase whatever item your heart desired. there were definitely more locals in this town than rome.

florence: my #1 city that we visited. it was so different. a mix of locals and tourists. the nightlife was so much more lively and entertaining. there was definitely a lot of shopping and vendors. the vendors would usually let you bargain on items. which was nice cause who would want to pay $15 for a crewneck when you could pay $12 or less? some of my friends even bargained on shotglasses. florence was definitely my favorite city. it offered so much more food and diversity. besides the 4 hour museum torture at the uffizi gallery, seeing the michelangelo was pretty amazing. my presentation in the class was on michelangelo so it was cool to see my project come to life. the statue is so much bigger in person than when seen in pictures, which kind of sucks but its okay. it was still pretty awesome. 

here are some pictures from the trip:

the vatican
the sistine chapel
streets of rome
duomo orvieto cathedral
trevi fountain
the pantheon
nightlife in florence
michelangelo’s david