jet lag. i was in italy for 9 days and pretty much got accustomed to the time change. here i am awake before my alarm. with an impulse decision to begin a blog.. again. in the past i’ve had several blogs, i’ve just never really kept up with them. so here is yet another attempt to keep a blog. here i plan to post my thoughts, some cute outfits, advice, and just random things i would like to share. but why? so i’m on what i would call a “social media cleanse.” i’ve deactivated my Facebook account and deleted the instagram app. i have found that i spend way too much time browsing just because there’s nothing else i am doing. so now i am only using snapchat and reddit. if you can even consider reddit a social media platform. so anyways, i’ll still use instagram sporadically but only to post pictures. and no i wouldn’t download the app again to do this. i use instagram on my boyfriend’s phone because it’s less tempting and he can stop me from scrolling whenever i want. i feel that keeping a blog will not only help me stay away from social media but also keep me busy and help me acquire a new hobby that i hope to love. i’m not really sure how to “blog” but i’ll do what i can. so cheers to a new blog.