it’s just the beginning of the semester and i’m already so stressed. LIKE SUPER SUPER STRESSED. sos. i just keep telling myself that it will all pay off. BUT WHEN. i just want to be done with school. thinking about grades just gives me hella anxiety. haha. but cheers to another semester of college. woo

real talk

getting real with my readers. i loathe makeup. as much as i like looking presentable, i honestly feel like makeup suffocates me sometimes. idk im weird. but when i go out in public without it, i dont feel like myself. why is that? i think the world we live in today is very centered around… Continue reading real talk

something new

before, during, and after! i’ve had SNS, gel, and regular nail polish on my nails. but never acrylic, until today! as you can see in the before pictures, my SNS had grown out and wasn’t looking as great anymore. i had to get them done but wanted to try something new. i’ve always had square… Continue reading something new